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Hola, tengo 20, estudio cocina, mi proyecto a futuro es tomar mis cosas y viajar por el mundo solo con una mochila y algo de dinero, soy escritora aficionada y lo mas probable es que nunca se vea lo que escriba y por acá verán cosas tiernas junto con comida y cadáveres, disfruten -w-


Your fav characters crying in fan art.


Your fav characters crying in canon.


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Snk Trainees in Onesies. Look how freaking cute they all are!! :)

will cosplay jean fo sure … omg

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They are now officially married. 

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Chinese SWAT officer unable to get time off 24 hr shift to take wedding photos. Studio comes to his station instead. [via]

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I must apologize for the rough quality and total lack of consistency and also for myself being rotten to the core.

It was a really fun livestream though! I really enjoyed drawing these! So I’m posting them as a thank you to all the people that come to chat a bit with me. I always have a good time!

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 "People often make jokes out of his name because it sounds like English "kiss me" - free-wikia

and so i made a comic strip out of the trivia xD

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Served On A Plate Cake Smiley